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VOYGRQuest was conceived in May 1995 by QUEST Professional Services and is growing by leaps and bounds. Our primary purpose is to provide the most current resource for travel and vacation planning, with an emphasis on finding a travel buddy and to learning from the experiences of others. The information can suggest the "must see" sites and things, possibly, to avoid.

VOYGRQuest believes that we are all "family." We consider the "family" to be all inclusive, with no regard to race, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation, transgender, age, marital status, religion, national origin, ancestry, borders, language, culture, politics, and mental or physical challenged. This site is a "hate free zone" with tolerance for all.

WeVOTE in every election!! And, hope that you will do the same. Participating by casting your VOTE is a way we can create the change that benefits us all!

It has to be said that by accessing the information contained on this site, you are acknowledging your responsibility in determining your own personal value of such information and hold VOYGRQuest and QUEST Professional Services harmless from any liability or for any consequential damages suffered as a result of utilizing the information. We believe the information contained was obtained from reliable sources but things change. Businesses close and/or change ownership. Call ahead to verify that the establishment will meet your needs. Email us any information that you might think other users of this website might find helpful.

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